Wednesday, 30 March 2011

1st Written Text

Hi readers/fellow bloggers/admirers, as you can see I have had this blog since the beginning of the year and it is doing really well! So thank you for all your support!
After lots of emails regarding commenting on posts I think I have fixed the problem so please feel free to leave your messages from now on! ;)

This is my first official written post and I'm pretty nervous about it, I want my blog to speak for itself through imagery/colours/trends/themes etc, thats my excuse for lack of written script.

So a little background on the author of this blog 'Moi. I am 25 and work as a womenswear designer having gained 4 years experience within the industry so far. I graduated with my MA in Milan and have recently relocated back to London to pursue my career.

I have always loved creating story boards, themes, trend forecasting etc, but decided this year to be extra pro-active (Anybody that knows me knows I am a workaholic :P) and document what my daily thoughts/desires/passions are...enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Danielle, I really glad, that find your blog.
    wish you good luck in your career.


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