Tuesday, 3 September 2013

An Inspiration - Elin Kling

I'm sure you all recognise this photo of fashion entrepreneur Elin Kling straight away, as do many. I hope you've all seen her updated website which now functions as a contemporary online Journal.
Showcasing effortless style, inspiring women of today. 

I decided to dedicate a post to Elin Kling as she is an inspirational business woman and a young one at that. She has been blogging since 2007, and now is Creative Director of her website Elin-Kling.com, as well as Fashion Director of her critically acclaimed magazine STYLEBY. On top of that she is also co-founder of Fashion Networks International.

In the past few years she has also collaborated with H&M and Guess as a designer of capsule ranges, as well as launching her own line Nowhere.

I think if you have a business sensibility as well as a strong creative eye, your options really are open. Elin Kling is proof of just that.

I continue to work as a RTW womenswear designer. My future goals include working with brands that are true to my aesthetic. As well as finding an online platform for my blog. I would also like to work on editorials focusing on trends and graphic layout. On top of all of this you all know I have a passion for food and cooking, I wonder if all of these can be combined.

Let's see what happens!

Comments Welcome!


  1. She has done really well. Hope you get to combine all the things you love and make a career out if it. I believe in doing the things we are passionate about, its not always easy but dedication always pays off in the end and its better than doing something that is unfulfilling. This image reminds me of Philo, love her fine band rings here.

    1. Love the rings too and snug oversized knit! Your definitely right, we just have to keep striving for what we believe in, have a lovely weekend!


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