Friday, 1 November 2013

Friday's Wishlist

My monthly personal budget has to be split now between the new apartment and myself, not that I'm complaining. My new coffee table book is on order, and currently the A.P.C candle I bought in Brooklyn is lit, a large glass of Merlot to my right, plus I have wifi so I can bombard you with posts. I'm feeling pretty damn good!

1. ZARA - High heel court shoe
2. Ecoya - Vanilla bean candle
3. Tom Dixon - Copper mini jack
4. ACNE - Zig zag edged blanket
5. Chloe - Attitudes: Six Decades of Style

Available @Liberty's@Zara@ACNE & @Amazon.

Comments Welcome!


  1. If you like the Tom Dixon copper mini jack, you should take a look at their copper light collection (for example the Tom Dixon copper shade), they look great in any interior.

    1. This is going to get expensive! Really like those shades!

    2. Indeed. If it's pretty, it always costs... :)


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